Correlated Rotational Alignment Spectroscopy

MHB-382SD Datalogger

We use the MHB-382SD Datalogger to monitor temperature, humidity and pressure in our laboratories. The logger saves the recorded data into a XLS-file. The following zip file contains an executable (Windows 64bit only) which was programmed in LabView 2012. It can be used to display data from the logging device and copy selected data to your computers clipboard: MHB382SD-Readout (~300kb) If you want to know more about the MHB-382SD, please refer to the following manual. MHB-382SD-Manual If there is any problem with the program, please keep us informed by using the comment box below. […]

How to align a translation stage

Femtosecond spectroscopy uses an ultrashort laser pulse to start a photo-chemical reaction at a well defined moment in time. A second ultrashort laser pulse can be used to visualize the ongoing photo-chemical reaction [1]. To achieve a precise timing between two laser pulses, a laser beam is usually split into two parts. One part of the beam is directed towards the experiment, the second part passes a translation stage before recombination of both beams occurs. By precisely moving the translation stage by a certain distance, the pathway is increased and laser […]