Correlated Rotational Alignment Spectroscopy

CRASY: Observing Rotation in the Time Domain

Below, I posted a short video explaining how we observe rotation in the time domain. Please note that the video does not explain the quantum mechanical principles required to describe molecular rotation, but gives a pseudo-classical picture. This picture does not explain why molecular rotation is quantized or how we can relate rotational frequencies to molecular structure.

CRASY Data Analysis

Here is a guide for CRASY data analysis, written for a UNIST lab course: PC_lab_course_CRASY_Schultz.pdf. You can find an installation guide for the data analysis software on page 6 and a guide for CRASY data analysis on the following pages. If you want to learn more about the CRASY experiment, navigate to the landing page. Required Software You will require the following software: (1) Python (I suggest to install the “Miniconda” package.) (2) The crasyPlots program. If you have trouble installing or running the software, watch the walk-through video below.   Data […]