Raman Lab Course Guidelines

In the 2021 lab course, you are expected to analyze molecular structures based on rotational Raman spectroscopic results.

Here is the 2021 lab course guideline: PC_lab_course_CRASY_Schultz

Here is a 2018 lab guide for setting up an experiment to measure vibrational Raman spectra: PC_lab_course_Raman_Schultz.

You can find the ACS report templates on the ACS Webpage. Please remember to delete the first page of the template and to set the line spacing to double-spaced.

Here is a guideline for  Writing_in_English_(1-page_for_Koreans), explaining how to write a clear scientific text. Writing in English is a challenge for non-native speakers and I highlighted common mistakes that should be avoided.

Here is a video of the laser laboratory where we measure CRASY spectroscopic data:


Here is a video illustrating (with a fidget spinner) how a time-domain observation of rotation can give a frequency spectrum:

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