Correlated Rotational Alignment Spectroscopy

Scientific writing Style-Guide

The following are some resources that may help you with your scientific writing. Scientific writing can be a challenge even for native writers, so don’t despair. Practice makes perfect, so invest some time to become a good writer! If you have to write a report, please use a template and submit your report with double line spacing for easier correction. I propose the template from JACS for MS Word or Latex. To master structure and style, please refer to the relevant Style Guides. Here is a short 1-page cheat sheet […]

IR Correlation Table and other Lab Course Material

The introduction slides for the lab course can be found on the UNIST Blackboard system. Vibrational absorption frequencies for common chemical groups are listed in the IR_correlation_table. Relevant vibrational Raman reference spectra [1] are summarized in this document: Literature Raman spectra. You can ask questions to the teaching assistants 인호 ( and Begum Ozer ( [1] SDBSWeb : (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Aug. 9, 2016)