Klinger (Newport) motion controller micro controle ITL09 (MM2500)

This is history! By fiddling around with the Klinger motion controller we brought over from the laboratory in Berlin, I figuered out that it is quite a challange to run and control it with our measurement computers. The main problem is, that there is hardly a manual to find. The only “manual” I found was a little documentation on motion controllers from the online library of the university of Sevilla. I printed the pages which deal with the Micro controle ITL09 controller as a pdf.pdficon_large

As you see, the french company Micro Controle was purchased by Newport in the meantime. The new name of the controller was changed to MM2500, which is even harder to find on the web. National Instruments support page, supplies some labview libraries for the MM4000 controller, which they claim are compatible to the MM2500 controller, but the Newport manual for the MM4000 is slightly different. I wrote some basic labview4.1 VI for serial communication with the ITL09 motion controller. I’ll attach them in the end in order to help people that deal with similar problems. If you use them, make sure the serial port communication is set-up correctly. Refer to the manual. Be aware, that the controllers are old and not necessarily work. We have two of the ITL09 controllers in our lab and both had problems, one with communication, one with the front control panel. I guess there are several electronics, which have to be replaced. By switching boards, I managed to get at least one controller working. Have fun with your devices and if you have questions, feel free to use the comment box below~


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